MCAET TV Recruitment Summit: August 30, 2017


Please join MCAET TV this Wednesday, August 30th at 3:00pm at our facilities located at 901 Blanco Circle in Salinas to learn about our enhanced, growing programs for local high school students and improved media and television content to launch in September.

  • Meet MCAET staff, including the new roles of Career Counselor, Marketing Director, Journalist Instructor.
  • Learn about exciting offerings for each focus area of Arts, Media & Entertainment education including how MCAET will incorporate Journalism via a teach the teacher model.
  • Hear how schools will broadcast live events such as football games or theater and dance productions. Friday night football games begin September 15th.
  • Learn what type of original content MCAET will be seeking from schools to produce for our television stations and web channels.Plus, each school will be provided an assigned Intern to assist with content creation.
  • MCAET TV currently has seven schools in our Digital Media Network, and we have room for other schools to also participate. Current: Alisal High School; Alvarez High School; Carmel High School; Gonzales High School; Millennium Charter High; Salinas High School; Soledad High School.

Register for the MCAET TV Recruitment Summit Here!

MCAET TV provides project based education utilizing state-of-the-art equipment & technology, alongside industry professionals, so students are well prepared for the innovative jobs of today and tomorrow in design, visual arts, performing arts, production, video game design, virtual reality, and many other fascinating fields.

Media Contact:
Hamish Tyler
MCAET Director
P: 831-784-4192

For other ways to watch MCAET’s programs, click here.

Below is the full MCAET Program Schedule:

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