Health & Nutrition: Salts (New Episode on “Take Back Back Your Power and Do It with Food”)


MCAET is proud to feature this great TV show about Nutrition & Health.“Take Back Your Power…and Do It with Food” is about nutritional excellence. Being aware of what is on the end of your fork can heal or kill you, and this program will show you the truth.  Hosts Joy Binah & Rita Rivera bring awareness about our current eating habits and show us how to switch to easy & healthy recipes.

Joy Binah is a certified raw & whole food consultant & author. Learn more about her story online at

Rita Rivera is the founder and author of MilksAlive, a company that redefines milk for vegans, specializing in bringing great taste to plant-based milks. Learn more about her story online at

This month’s featured show is about Salts.
Previous episodes focused on Sugars and Fats.

Watch & Learn! “Take Back Your Power…and Do It with Food” episodes run on MCAET.ORG/LIVE 
  • MONDAYS AT 2:10 PM & 8:10 PM
  • TUESDAYS AT 2:10 AM & 8:10 AM

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