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The TechMobile technology truck for rent

What is the TechMobile?

The TechMobile is a mobile multimedia workstation that can be rented out for any of your technological needs. The TechMobile is literally an 18-wheeler truck that is equipped with all the media gadgets you could need all in one spot!

We understand that everyone has a need for technology these days. Having access to computers and the internet has become necessary for all whether it’s for education, running a business, or creative expression. The Media Center for Art, Education and Technology (MCAET)¬†presents the TechMobile for those in need of access to technology and the Internet.

The TechMobile makes it possible to bring the latest technology to your door!

Your safety and success is is in good hands! We have on-board staff including an experienced Class A licensed truck driver and bilingual instructor (if applicable).

Rent the TechMobile!

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Tech Mobile Rental Rate Sheet

TechMobile Features: (View Photos – Click Here)

  • 19 PC Windows 7 computer desktop stations
  • Touch screen monitor & traditional keyboard/mouse for each computer
  • HDMI-compatible device connections
  • 7 large viewing screens
  • Blu-Ray disc player and Apple TV
  • Printer
  • WiFi Internet and satellite access
  • Mini green screen
  • Portable audio recording and editing kit
  • Digital HD video and still cameras
  • Video editing and animation software
  • MAC or PC laptop computers
  • Adobe CS6 Design software
  • Microsoft Office Suite software
  • Wheelchair accessibility

TechMobile Opportunities Suited For Your Needs:


  • Classroom Instruction
  • Organizational Outreach
  • Program Demonstrations / Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Research Groups
  • Team Projects


  • Product/Service Presentations
  • Product/Service Demonstrations
  • Clinics & Seminars
  • Surveys & Testimonials
  • Focus Groups
  • Research Projects


  • State-of-the-Art Media Center
  • Promotional Events
  • Private Parties

Help support us in our efforts to provide technology training to the Monterey county residents!

The TechMobile is owned by the Monterey Office of Education. MCAET and the TechMobile are supported by the MCAET Foundation, a non-profit organization.